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Website revamp optimized for mobile.

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We have been busy catering our new website to all of our clients. Our main goal was to reach a design that meets the expectations requested by our clients:

Make it Simple, Clean, & Effective.

Now all Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. services are at the touch of your fingertips; anytime & anywhere. A process long in the making, the new page's design has been modified and modernized for an easier and better user experience.

As we continue to develop additional improvements and features, you will be in control of your account even if you do not have access to a computer, as the new site is built to display in any device available.

Sun West will continue to release new versions and will be updating our clients via our new News section.

Mortgage Partner Services

Partner Services

You can become a partner with Sun West as a Wholesale Mortgage Broker or a Correspondent Lender.

In addition to residential mortgage lending, Sun West also offers FHA Multifamily, commercial and portfolio lending services.

As a partner you have access to SunSoft - Sun West's state-of-the-art mortgage loan origination and servicing software. Built on over 30 years of lending and mortgage technology experience, SunSoft is compliant with federal and state requirements.

Sun West is approved by Ginnie Mae as an Issuer, Servicer and Participation Agent. This rare approval enables us to issue securities backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. Consequently, Sun West is able to offer its partners and borrowers the competitive interest rates in the market.

Read More About Wholesale Lending:
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A Better User Experience.

User Experience

We have undergone extensive research and testing in order to provide an easier navigation of our website. Through the implementation of minimalistic design, all areas of are now quicker to get to.

On desktop, breathes and has all of the features and areas from the classic site. On mobile, the site is responsive and now adopts itself to whatever device the user is viewing the site on. This is the key milestone, as no longer will any user have to pinch and zoom on a mobile device.

With one centralized navigation menu, no more clutter, no more repetitive links, and less time spent on locating the information or services essential to