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Update to Conventional (FNMA and FHLMC) Loan Programs

Dear Licensed Partner,

FNMA updated its Bulletins LL-2020-03 & LL-2020-04 and FHLMC released Bulletin 2020-8 with an additional update amid the COVID-19 national emergency. Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. has updated its policy for conventional programs to align with the FNMA and FHLMC guidelines as given below:

  • Age of income and assets documentation (For loan application dated between 04/14/2020 to 05/17/2020):
    • All income and asset documentation must be dated no more than 60 days prior to the Note Date, except as follows:
      • If an asset account is reported on a quarterly basis, the Seller must obtain the most recently issued quarterly statement
      • For electronic income verifications obtained from third-party verification service providers, the information from the electronic database reflected on the third-party verification must now be dated no more than 60 days prior to the Note Date
  • These changes do not apply to income types such as military income, retirement income, survivor and dependent benefit income, long-term disability income, social security supplemental income, public assistance income, homeownership voucher program payments, foster-care income, trust income (fixed), royalty payments, and MCCs.

  • Self-employed Borrowers: Verification of the current existence of the business – business open and operating (For loan application dated prior to 05/17/2020): Sun West will require documentation confirming the borrower’s business is open and operating within 10 business days prior to note date. The acceptable documentation includes:
    • Evidence of current work (e.g., executed contracts or signed invoices that indicate the business is operating on the day the Seller verifies self-employment)
    • Evidence of current business receipts within 10 Business Days of the Note Date (e.g., payment for services performed)
    • The Seller certification that the business is open and operating (e.g., the Seller confirmed through a phone call or other means)
    • Business website demonstrating activity supporting current business operations (e.g., timely appointments for estimates or service can be scheduled)

  • Market Based Assets (Stocks, Stock Options, and Mutual Funds) (For loan application dated between 04/14/2020 to 05/17/2020): Sun West will require the following documentation for accounts with stocks, stock options and mutual funds:
    • Evidence of liquidation, including Borrower receipt of funds, is required when using any funds from these accounts for Down Payment and/or Closing Costs
    • The Seller must use no more than 70% of the balance in the accounts in order to meet the reserves requirements

  • Property Valuations – Appraisal Flexibilities for New Construction Properties (Purchase Transactions) (Effective immediately for application dates on or before May 17, 2020): For new construction properties where the appraisal is “subject to completion per plans and specifications,” and also when the property is 100% complete but an interior and exterior inspection appraisal cannot be completed, Sun West will accept a desktop appraisal on the forms identified in the following table:

  • Property Type Acceptable Appraisal Forms
    1-unit property, including a unit in a Planned Unit Development (PUD) or a Detached Condominium Unit Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (Form 1004/70)
    Condominium Unit Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report (Form 1073/465)
    2-4 Unit properties Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report (Form 1025/72)
    Manufactured Home Manufactured Home Appraisal Report (Form 1004C / 70B)
  • A builder certification (FNMA Sample, FHLMC Sample) signed by the builder will be required attesting that the information provided is true and correct.

If you have any questions, please contact your Client Relations Manager at (855) AT-SUNWEST or (855) 287-8693.


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